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Abraham Lincoln’s attitude towards Black-Americans in 1858

While I was at the hotel to-day an elderly gentleman called upon me to know whether I was really in favor of producing a perfect equality between the negroes and white people. [Great laughter.] While I had not proposed to … Continue reading

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The meaning of prejudice

“Faced with the choice between changing one’s mind and proving there is no need to do so, almost everyone gets busy on the proof.” J K Galbraith, economist and all round genius Chris

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He knew what he meant

A doctor asks a pharmacist to prepare some tablets of acetylsalicylic acid. “Do you mean aspirin?” asks the pharmacist. The doctor slaps his forehead. “That’s it!” he says. “I can never 
remember the name.” Chris

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Working on council estates

I worked for fifty years in Hackney and Havering on Council estates as a plumber. Like everybody else Council tenants are of all kinds of people: loud, selfish, helpful, timid, stupid and clever and I nearly forgot the rich and … Continue reading

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Eat your heart out lottery winners: this is winning

“Over the past 54 years, shares in his [Warren Buffet’s] company, Berkshire Hathaway, have outpaced the S&P 500—a broad index of American stocks—by almost 2.5 million percentage points. The degree to which Buffett has outwitted successive generations of Wall Street … Continue reading

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Book Review: Nigel Slater ~ Toast: the story of a boy’s hunger (2003)

Slater’s autobiography is unique. He doesn’t pamper readers with a chronology. Hints are offered. Hit records are mentioned. Primary school becomes secondary; a catering college; various jobs culminate in the Savoy Hotel. His sexuality develops. A randy gardener, a girl … Continue reading

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Another visit to Fordwich

On holiday in 1951, we went to the beautiful garden of Kent I don’t remember the journey much, but I was so happy we went Through Blackheath, the hired car trundled the road The A2 quaint old scenery, the Oast … Continue reading

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The epithet for 2010-15 Coalition Government

Liberal Democrat MP: I should like to point out on behalf of the Liberal Democrats that although we are very nice people we have absolutely no idea how to run a country. A quote from New Statesman, a TV show … Continue reading

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Slaughtering Civilians as a Military Tactic: Japan, March-August, 1945

Japan stood alone against the USA in the Second World War. Unlike America, it didn’t have natural resources; or a huge population. By early1945, Japan was defenceless. All that was left was their indomitable spirit. The USA had been taught … Continue reading

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Why your boss is an incompetent fool

“The Peter Principle is the observation that if people are good at doing their jobs they will be promoted. It follows that eventually everyone will be doing a job that they are not good at (otherwise they would have been … Continue reading

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