The strange story of Beethoven’s grave

A tourist in Vienna came to pay respects to Beethoven’s grave. Suddenly he hears music and realises it’s coming from the grave. Although it sounds strange he recognises it as Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony: played backwards.

Puzzled, he leaves and brings a friend back with him. By the time they get there the music has changed. This time it’s the Seventh Symphony again being played backwards.

Absolutely intrigued they consult a music scholar to make sure that they’re not being idiots. When they return, the Fifth Symphony is playing, again backwards. The scholar notices the symphonies are being played in the reverse order. The 9th, 7th, then the 5th.

Very quickly the word spreads, and TV and radio are there alongside the crowd. They’re all listening to the Second Symphony being played backwards when the graveyard caretaker ambles up as it looks like fun. Someone asks if he has explanation for the music.

“I would have thought it was obvious,” he says. “He’s decomposing.”


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