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A Beautiful New Council Development

A new build housing development Who, could deny, the need But, as in these multi-pound deals Might there be, an element of greed? Cram it dense, build it high Blot the landscape, the rich will buy But first, destroy the … Continue reading

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Karl Marx’s favourite painting

They are presenting a petition of protest to the city fathers of Düsseldorf in an opulent council chamber. Through a large window, an orator can be seen in the square outside addressing a raging crowd. Marx loved this painting for … Continue reading

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Nazi Doctors, Sexism and Lung Cancer

In Hitler’s opinion women should have focused solely on Kinder, Kuche, Kirche1 . German sexism predated Hitler. This created a beneficial situation for Nazi doctors. Women provided a huge control group for their epidemiological studies into lung cancer.2 They knew … Continue reading


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Jack Benny* on Abraham Lincoln

Any man who would walk five miles through the snow, barefoot, just to return a library book so he could save three cents – that’s my kind of guy An American comedian from the mid-20th century now forgotten.

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Book Review: Ian Rankin ~ In a house of lies (2018)

Ian Rankin is a magnificent storyteller. His principal character and main achievement is Rebus. Rebus has been developed by Rankin in a way that other crime writers have not. Rebus is now old, ill with COPD, and retired. Rankin however … Continue reading

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American teachers learn how to shoot in a school situation

We continue training for three more days, eight to twelve hours a day. We will be taking the Ohio Peace Officer Training Assessment at the end of the course. It is the same test required for Ohio police officers, but … Continue reading

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Freddie Mercury’s birthplace


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Going to my first dance hall

In about 1959, I and four friends from the plumbing course at our senior school met regularly outside of school hours. David Day, Terry Stockbridge, Malcolm Murray and Mickey (Jumbo) James, were more like brothers than my own real family. … Continue reading

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Book Review: Peter James ~ Dead if you don’t (2018)

Although I think that the Roy Grace novels are excellent I nearly finished reading this one at chapter two. The three pages (pp4-6) of that chapter sickened me with their sadism. They were a reiteration of the Nazi Dr Mengele,1 … Continue reading

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A modern Faustian pact

An attorney was working late one night when, suddenly, Satan appeared before him. He made him an offer. “I’ll make it so you win every case for the rest of your life. Your clients will worship you, your colleagues will … Continue reading

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