A Beautiful New Council Development

A new build housing development
Who, could deny, the need
But, as in these multi-pound deals
Might there be, an element of greed?

Cram it dense, build it high
Blot the landscape, the rich will buy
But first, destroy the trees
The order made, as a communicable disease.

Arboriculturalist arrive, their power saws in hand
What was a green and pleasant place
Now a sad and ravished land
Symmetry space, now of shredded torn lace.

The open backed lorry, towing its gruesome shredder
The latter screamed for endless hours
As severed limbs, fed the soulless beast
Men nourished that high priest.

Stumps of once mature majestic trees
Protrude above the soil
Like naked backbone spines
In rows their soulless silent lines.

For years the spring displayed
The beauty of their flowers
Japanese cherry, apple blossom
No more, to laugh in the breeze.

Even the ornamental, Pampas grass – destroyed
As if the Council’s beauty surveyors
Were so annoyed, make way, make way –
They would say, for tarmac and solid concrete.

Forget what was once, that’s gone for good
The open lawns, that copse of wood,
Where the bees and hedgehogs wandered
Their future’s playground, purposely squandered.

Cram it dense, build it high
Who wants to see trees
Who wants to see sky
Isn’t this plan —

A Beautiful; New Council development?



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