Book Review: Ian Rankin ~ In a house of lies (2018)

Ian Rankin is a magnificent storyteller. His principal character and main achievement is Rebus. Rebus has been developed by Rankin in a way that other crime writers have not. Rebus is now old, ill with COPD, and retired.

Rankin however can’t let go. Rebus is involved in a major crime investigation in a way which, I suspect police officers, would find risible. It doesn’t matter. Disbelief is always suspended when a master craftsman is hard at work. (After all the TV series Taggart continued when the star, Mick McManus died (1994). The TV production company didn’t even change the name of the series.)

Rankin’s ensemble of characters continue as well. The master criminal, the female detective and a supporting cast of others. On this occasion Rankin has created pantomime detectives, Edwards and Steele, who get their comeuppance.

It’s all hugely satisfactory for the devotee.


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3 Responses to Book Review: Ian Rankin ~ In a house of lies (2018)

  1. Gaynor Smith says:

    Chris what converted you, when you read one of Rankin’s earlier works you thought it was rubbish.

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