Book Review: Sir Henry Howarth Bashford ~ Augustus Carp, Esq., by Himself (1924)

Sometimes I chase up references and with the magic of Google and Amazon read reviews of books I’ve never heard by authors who’s names have long disappeared. If they’re not too expensive, I buy them. Not every move outside my comfort zone is successful but on this occasion I was richly rewarded. To say the least this isn’t a 21st century book. It’s much, much better.

Augustus Carp is a self-righteous prig, bigot, sexist warrior, sanctimonious church goer, intellectual coward, social climber, utterly treacherous, proudly obese and so self-absorbed he can’t understand anything which conflicts with his world-view.

Bashford’s book is a deathless satire filled with dead pan humour. It’s so well written that Carp is plausible!

I can’t recommend this book enough.

Take courage and buy it


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