A wonderful insight into the charm of the Queen

The queen was having a meal with David Nott a surgeon who’d just returned from Aleppo. She asked, as she always does, where he was from and he said he’d just returned from Aleppo. She asked him what it was like.

My mind filled instantly with the images of toxic dust, of crushed school desks, of bloodied and limbless children…. My bottom lip started to go and I wanted to burst into tears, but I held myself together. She looked at me quizzically and touched my hand….. ‘These [biscuits] are for the dogs,’ she said, breaking one of the biscuits in two, giving me half. Together, we fed the corgis. ‘There,’ the Queen said, ‘That’s so much nicer than talking, isn’t it?’”

The Guardian 24th February 2019 p13

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