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Privileged employment status

Senior manager: “I’m really sorry, but I’m going to have to let one of you go.” Black employee: “I’m a protected minority.” Female employee: “I’m a woman.” Oldest employee: “Fire me, buster, and I’ll hit you with an age discrimination … Continue reading

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All Political careers end in tears

The hard right Brexit dogs circle Snapping, snarling beasts To her face, they praise her Behind her back they plot. Once loyalty was avowed Now – The Bastards, Where did it all go wrong? Stay at the crease. Mustn’t let … Continue reading

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Where is my Tardis?

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The wisdom of mountaineers

“The next time you curse the fact that it’s Monday, just think of it as proof that you made it through another weekend without killing yourself by doing something stupid.” Chris

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The bombing of Laos: Obama and an American War Crime

The Ho Chi Minh Trail America became a full partner in the Vietnamese civil war in 1963 and north Vietnam took the strategic decision to supply the south through Laos. The CIA, without congressional approval, unilaterally decided to bomb this … Continue reading

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An inquisitive five year old

Russell: How old are you grandad? Grandad: I’m 83 years old. Russell: (After a long pause) Did you start at one? Chris

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Book Review: David Eagleman ~ The Brain: the story of you

I bought this as a make weight on the infamous ‘Buy one get one half price’ desk in Waterstones book shop. Unwanted, unloved and abandoned it was on my shelf for quite a few months before I picked it up … Continue reading

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