The Nasty Party

The Tories don’t care
Pile on the misery, some more
Universal credit, payment delays
Well that’s just – how it is.

They can force you into work
Doesn’t matter if its zero hours
Doesn’t matter if it’s at the minimum rate
So long as you can’t claim benefit.

Of course if you’re reckless,
Have children, what do you expect?
There is NO Magic Money Tree
They tax the poor – until breaking point.

What a great idea, to give the rich a tax break
More than one, several if Party donations are made,
You can have a knighthood
No problem, if you have proved your loyalty.

There is no point in wasting money
Poor parents children don’t deserve educating
They cost too much anyway
Let’s cut school funding by a few billion.

While we’re at it, lets wage war on all those lefties
They are not worth considering, after all
They don’t vote Conservative
So can’t object to our rules.

Let’s call it fiscal responsibility
Our proclivity, to make sound financial decisions
Cannot be called into question
We’ve reduced the National debt.

OK that debt was caused by bankers
But we blame  the Labour Party
They were irresponsible – taking families out of poverty
Having righted that wrong.

We can now see, all the beggars and rough sleepers
Those worthless, feckless sub-humans
Littering our fair streets
In their filthy sleeping bags.



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