Film Review ~ Paddington 2 (Hugh Grant and All Star cast)

This is a wonderful family film. When I went there were a few children but a significant number of adults who were thoroughly enjoying the experience. Insofar as there is a storyline it’s puerile and it doesn’t matter one little bit. The film is an experience not an intellectual exercise. The first Paddington film had a very strong pro-immigration message based on Kindertransport, which continued throughout the film. That message informed every expectation that Paddington had of his journey to London. This has disappeared into a frothy feel-good film, which is entirely lovely but leaves a curiously empty feeling. This is my only caveat.

Phoenix Buchanan (Hugh Grant) is the pantomime villain who steals the film. Through a series of incidents, none of which need retelling, Paddington ends up in jail. His wonderful social education from Aunt Lucy (Imelda Staunton) is transformative. Hardened criminals including the ferocious Knuckles (Brendon Gleeson) become positive caring human beings. This transformation is brought about by Paddington’s love of marmalade. Silly! Silly! Silly! But oh so wonderful. The villain is thwarted and everybody ends up happy and successful.

Why you should watch this film: It’s escapism joy at its finest

Why you shouldn’t watch this film: You’ve lost your inner child.

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