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Timing is impossible for making investment decisions in the Stock Market. The recklessly conservative investor takes this as a signal that successful investments can’t be made. They invest in 4% Pensioner Bonds. Fund managers have created ‘Tracker Funds’ for this sort of person. These funds are passive investments, which replicate the FTSE**. The Odeboyz Behemoth Fund has these features as well. As there are hundreds of funds covering every possibility why would anyone offer another one (except to earn fees)?

Tracker Funds are a vital part of the investment scene. By virtue of diversification of the total investment a sudden downturn in any one investment will only have a marginal impact. A recent (2014) example is the 33% decline in the price of Tesco (a British supermarket chain). This took place in a year following over-statement of annual profits and the cancellation of the bi-annual dividend. The oil…

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