Dictator Kim Jong Un, in North Korea
President Donald Trump, in America
Each with inflated egos
Each believe they’re supermen: fools.

As bigger nuclear payload rockets
Designed to kill without pity
Demonstrates the might of true stupidity
To the millions who will cower.

A simple red button
No effort required
The mighty arsenals prepared
Gyroscopic electrical aimed death.

Capable of hurtling through silent air
Ignorance delivered at taxed costs
People, wide eyed in terror will see
The bright white/blue flash of death.

Seconds before the roar
Of folly, incarnate;
Unleashed by pathetic men
Who’s testosterone rampages.

Let us pray, the pious will say
Those still left –that is
The blind/deaf insane
Mumbling too late to pray.

Those left might condemn
A world left to cockroaches and rats
Such a shame few will survive
Another stupid war.

Will man never learn
Wars only kill,
Kill the planet, it’s beauty killed,
All that we could and should be!


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