Some Say

If only, I could win some money
What would be enough?
Two hundred thousand pounds
Or perhaps a couple of million might be better?

How much is enough?
She of the ‘dark side’ said
“There is no magic money tree”
But, how much would suit me?

More money than I could count
More than I could shake a stick at!
Where would satisfaction be?
Is one billion trillion enough!

With that much wealth
I need not strive
A mansion in the country
A Bentley, in the drive.

I’d need an army
Just to clean the pool
Eighty feet long, sixty feet wide
Then eighty feet deep
With fish and plants, where I might hide
To think what more, to buy.

Howard Hughes’ had money
But not a life worthwhile
Happiness can’t be commanded
Especially, by mere money demanded.

Are we poor, right now?
No, we’re quite comfortable, some might say
Nice home, nice kids, nice car
We don’t fret over money each day.

I think, a million trillion
Would give more problems, than I want
To lose, love and respect we earned
Doesn’t value as countless zillions.

Pipe dreams are all very well
Unlimited wealth, might –
Lead to a problematic –
If not, difficult hell.


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