Book Review: Stephen Leather Cold Kill

Cold Kill is the third Dan ‘Spider’ Shepherd novel where he imperceptibly shades from being an undercover police officer into an assassin. His journey begins when he goes undercover to penetrate a people smuggling group who turn out to be also importing counterfeit euros (from north Korea of all places). The owners of a bureau de change launder counterfeit euros and have suborned a Passport official to issue legitimate, but false, passports. Here is the connexion with the war-on-terror and the USA. Leather’s novel employs brutal and graphic sadism to illustrate the importance of the ‘means justifying the ends’ done by the USA but with the compliance of MI6.

Why you should read this novel: It’s a fast page turning novel with genuine thrills and plausible sub-plots.

Why you shouldn’t read this novel: It relishes sadism and shoot to kill with enthusiasm.

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