Another time and in another place

Growing up muscles became stronger
Imagination, lent alternative scenarios
To turn into, adventures of learning
The mind did not develop as fast as strength.

Encouraged to try
Drawing, painting, model building,
Even sculpture with clay
Led to sometimes clumsy attempts at pottery.

Music, appreciation had to be learned
By trial and dogged practice
Dad pointed out that,
Scores were written in a universal language.

Even a Dutch musician could easily
Read and play music composed by
A German, Russian, or person from Sweden
Such was the beauty of music.

Once mastered, even reading and writing
Became a pleasure to be indulged in
Teachers, well the good ones,
Lead to worlds beyond the classroom.

Mr Goodrich, read Jack London’s
Call of the Wild to forty-six
Captured children, enraptured
By the story of a very large pet dog.

Taken to the Alaskan gold fields;
That ever-lasting adventure
Stayed, as a lesson, in how to read aloud
To follow the flow of the narrative.

So many adventures awaited
That youth, who was just average
But who did try to take advantage
Of that world, long ago, but that was.

Another time and in another place.


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