Theresa May: Confident in her bunker

Strong and stable in a bunker


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2 Responses to Theresa May: Confident in her bunker

  1. The Colossus says:

    They do say vampires disintegrate on contact with daylight. . .

    • odeboyz says:

      The most depressing thing from a UK point of view is that politics has stopped being anything other than a TV show. There is no debate and the press have to put their questions in prior to the meeting so that a ‘position’ can be manufactured. Back in the 1960s (yes I am that old) political meetings had active dissenters who heckled the speaker. Such people would probably be arrested today even if they could actually get in the meeting in the first place.
      Thank you for your comment. (I read your interview with Noam Chomsky & thought it was valuable.)

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