So Many Don’t Vote.

I wonder what the percentage turn out will be
For the upcoming EU vote?
This is an important referenda decision
How many, won’t use their vote
We wait – to see.

Through the ages
Ordinary folk have, wanted a say
But this was once denied, to men
If you didn’t own property
And were denied to all women.

Slowly, very slowly, progress was won
Suffragettes made their protest known
Shop windows and placards protested
But suffered the women
Who were arrested.

Despite their vile treatment
Most time perpetrated in anger
Those who fought so hard, so long
To win the right to emancipation
Shamed, our great British nation.

Despite the sacrifices they made
Regardless, of the price they paid
Some choose to waste their vote
Refuse to place their simple cross
To their shame, they abuse their loss.

I don’t care, if you’re remain or brexit
But fume, when told “I can’t be bothered”
Mostly youngsters take this stance
If only they knew, how much
Their, selfishness dishonours their chance.



Please, make sure you, use YOUR vote.

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