Pithy sayings of my father

On ‘Directed Labour’ (2nd WW)
I’m free to do as I’m told.

On Winston Churchill (2nd WW)
He’s the enemy of the workingman.

On the birth of Prince Charles (1947)
Another parasite who’ll live off the backs of the workingman for his entire life.

On overtime wages (1950s)
If you rely on overtime you become a slave to the bosses.

On hunting (1950s)
It’s a lovely day. Let’s go out and kill one of God’s creatures.

On doctors (1960s)
I hope the cure isn’t worse than the disease.

On Yorkshire County Cricket Club (1960s)
It beats me why England don’t just select the Yorkshire team and save themselves the trouble of having a selection meeting.

On me (1960s)
You’re so sharp you’ll cut yourself.

On teaching (1970s)
Well it beats working.

On income tax (1970s)
If you’re paying it then you’re earning it.

On malingerers (1970s)
A creaking gate always lasts the longest.

On life (1970s)
Life’s alright as long as you don’t weaken.

And one from my mother (1950s)
If men had the first baby and women had the second there would never be a third.


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2 Responses to Pithy sayings of my father

  1. Peter Baxendale says:

    Some of these are very incisive,Chris. Now I know where you get you gentle understanding of human nature from

  2. Jeff says:

    Never a truer word spoken …

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