Not Before Time

A nasty vicious Minister
Has chosen the option, to quit
Mostly to hurt his former pals
In retirement, he will still be a nasty vicious git.

The poor should rejoice, his departure
The poor were his target and shame
As he targeted innocent tenants
In his puerile political game.

Cameron, Osborne, they’re just the same
Only, they are still players
Tame cuddly rats, they’re not
Each want you, to just accept, your lot.

Rage, rage as you watch them squirm
Both will “spin” their lessons are learned
Except, they lie, as a matter of course
Don’t wait for them to feel, any tinge of remorse.

Then of course, you have “barmy B”
He who ranks as another Eton yob
Humanity might never – ever see
Remember they’re all “the Bullingdon mob”.

Of course, the attack on disabled benefits
Was only a discussion idea
After all the national health promises
Perhaps their deceit is clear.


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