A pen portrait of Winston Churchill

The prime minister was undoubtedly born too late. By nature he is an adventurist on an historical scale, strong-willed and resolute, a romantic of British Imperialism and war. Had he lived in previous centuries, he would have been a match for Cortes or Admiral Drake, a conqueror of lands or a celebrated pirate…. Churchill is just as keen on wars. Megan Lloyd George told me once that ever since childhood she had heard how Churchill , when visiting her father, would always talk about battles, military campaigns and conquests with great enthusiasm and excitement. Always imagined himself in the role of a great military leader, who flung armies from one end of Europe to another, conquered kingdoms and won brilliant victories….

But he may become an obstacle if and when it [Britain] desires peace.

The Maisky Diaries: Red Ambassador to the Court of St. James’s 1932- 1943 edited by Gabriel Gorodetsky pp352-3

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