Country Scene

An intermittent gentle breeze
Softly tumbles old autumn leaves
Down the quiet dark lane
Only to twirl and swirl
In a timeless stricken dance.
The young fox – nose up
sniffs the changeling air
Intent ears ever alert
Searching the hedgerow
For any carrion morsels.
Shadows slip silently
Between moonlit raised bumps
The quiet, only to be stolen
By the ditch stream
Tumbling on its appointed journey.
South through the fallow land
Bordering ancient farmland
The Bank-Vole oblivious
Dispatched in one deadly leap
The fox crunched through bone and fur.
The dark purple night
Ever pushing Westward
Swallows remorseless time
Until, with inbuilt craft
The fox returns to its ‘earth’.

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1 Response to Country Scene

  1. Peter Baxendale says:

    Beautiful imagery,Mike.Happy Christmas to all

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