Such Happy Times.

When young,
my happy secure home…
Rang with laughter.

The radio light programme,
trilled from the corner sideboard
Almost all day,I remember
Mum singing along.
“ I can’t tell a waltz from a tango
I never know what my feet are goner do
no I can’t tell a waltz from a tango
darling when I dance with you”.

At six-o-clock
Dad insisted on hearing – the news.
The Home Service, the serious programme…
Alvar Liddell’s sonorous tones,
Told us of the world’s events.

By the open coal fire
I’d sit, gazing into the embers
Seeing sights in my imagination
Only half listening to those around me.

On some Christmas’s Dad’s brothers
Uncle Jim and Uncle  Fred
Came round with their families.
When more than a few bottled beers later
Dad would lift the lid of our old piano.

Uncle Jim’s harmonica
Never far from his pocket
Uncle Fred ,Aunty Gladys
Standing Victorian arm in arm.

The revelry  began.
Dad was a good singer
My two brothers,
Our cousins we each
Had our favourite songs
But would sing along
To all the other old tunes.

Bobby Shaftoe
Silver Threads Among the Gold
Oh dear What Can The Matter Be?
Who killed Cock Robin?

Such happy times.


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2 Responses to Such Happy Times.

  1. Gaynor Smith says:

    sounds similar to my memories of past parties, only we had Aunt Edna singing ‘on mother kelly’s doorstep’ and Uncle Ben singing ‘Danny Boy’, oh and my nan on the piano, playing ‘show me the way to go home’. Happy memories.

  2. Pete Baxendale says:

    Nostalgia isn’t what it used to be,Mike.You have upgraded it.

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