Magic Land

Lucky my dog seemed to know, each  Sunday…
Like a child his eyes would  stare longingly at me
Tail thumping  each time our gaze  met.
Watching me reach for his lead
Exploding with happiness – running, running…
From me to the door and back…
Yelping and pulling with impatience – to the car.
The path to the car park lined with Rhododendron
In Bedford’s park nature acres saw me swap shoes
From the car boot to Wellington’s
Next to a mad dog dancing in anticipation.
Over the hill, by the lake soft tickle grass
Brushed my  hand and a happy dog’s legs.
Down the hill, grass-hoppers leaped leaped
To the broad open lake – with the vicious cob swan
And angry fishermen, hissed each in unison
As a born retriever plunged to swim.
The lead, hidden in my pocket
I strolled on and into the bluebell wood
He followed, running to places , where each we knew
Our, no my, favourite trees stood waiting.
We’d tread the old path where  the kissing trees stood
Just by the rotting fallen beach trunk.
I’d listen while the nearby brook whispered
It’s eternal same song.

Onward another deep lake surface rippled
As morsels  were snatched from below
Past the paddock where ponies cropped new grass
We walked  about a mile or more.
Those days gave me such pleasure.
Even in rain my Wellington’s squelched pleasure
Whilst each week’s growth evolved
The sounds were of a magic place
Where nature sang it’s harmonies.
That nice old dog,
Was a great good friend
He, gave love from nose to tail.
Our adventures past each week.
Honest loyalty, that dog gave me,
A thousand per cent and more
I wish a few more years could have passed
Before his lead was thrown away,
I’ve never been back to magic land “Eden” since,
Memories,  would hurt too much.

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