Abandoning Civilisation

Albert Einstein: UntermenschAbandoning civilisation,
Ordinary Germans became ordinary Nazis
Knowing tomorrow belonged to them.
The new civilisation embraced hatreds that
Buried the Christian message of love.
Buried it and created Untermensch.

Abandoning their minds to
Evangelical certainty- Hitler’s certainty-
Born again Vandals, powered by rhetoric,
Swept across Poland to Russian steppes
Creating a new Germany. Pure, unsullied by

Abandoning decency
They wallowed in blood and despair
Glorifying slaughter in every guise.
Failing to sate the feeding frenzy,
The bloodlust needed more.

It needed Auschwitz.


(Chris: A Holocaust Memorial Day Poem)

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2 Responses to Abandoning Civilisation

  1. Pingback: We are ruled by psychopaths whose bloodlines go back through the ages. They do not have a conscience and are masters of the art of manipulation, they have and continue to profiteer from conflict. If civilisation is to survive it is imperative the masses w

    • odeboyz says:

      I was trying to match the peerless civilisation of Mendelssohn and Kant with the willing embrace of barbarity. So I used the concepts ‘evangelical’, ‘Certainty, and ‘born- again Vandals’. Evil people are unequivocally ‘evil’ but what of ‘Ordinary Nazis’ who did it as a career choice- to get on, as it were? Did they become evil? I don’t know but any way that’s why I wrote this for Holocaust Memorial Day.

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