Mopping Up

Fumbling with a reluctant zip,
-Quietly humming a half remembered tune-
Missed again! What was that tune?
Half remembered like everything else.
Was it?
“A thing of beauty is a joy for ever?”
But who sang it? Then he thought
‘I wonder if a picture in the toilet would help?’
‘But why would it help?’
He’d heard somewhere that flies in toilets
Help you aim better- save on mopping up-
Still humming, he thought of a Bob Dylan song
“Something is happening here,
But I don’t know what it is.”
Is that right? It sounds right.
But what about:
“A thing of beauty is a joy for ever?”
Pressing his forehead against the tiles
He thought, 1960’s, someone from the 60’s
Beatles? No definitely not them.
Dusty, what about Dusty, good voice,
In fact, a very good voice. Yes! Dusty Springfield.
He hummed:
“A thing of beauty is a joy for ever.”
And then mopped up.


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