The Junk Drawer

I don’t know about you but when I’m not sure where to keep some small objects, they tend to end up in my junk drawer. Over time, (and I do mean years) that drawer refuses to shut tight, as normally it is full to capacity. Such was the case last week, so I decided it was time for a cull, to be honest the plastic bag of modelling clay, was rock hard so it and five dried out pots of calligraphy inks had to go! However, I still kept the bag of modelling wooden tools as I’m sure they might come in useful one day, or, I might even replace the clay one day – you never know, if the creating urge might come back. Anyway, whilst rummaging I discovered a badge I slung in there about twenty three years ago.  I vaguely remember a Council Tenant pressing it into my hand, as a way of saying thank you; as a Havering Councillor,I had helped her with a housing issue she had at that time. Of course I declined the gift as even in 1992  the council had a policy on “gifts and hospitality” but the tenant was very insistent – explaining that it was just a decorative badge that had once belonged to her Dad, who had died on that very day, three years ago. So I put the badge in my pocket and went on to a meeting in the Town Hall. It wasn’t until late that night I took the object out of my pocket, and was amazed to see it was a commemorative badge of Havering! So last week I did some research on the internet and discovered the following information about the badge:-


ARMS: Per saltire Argent and Azure a gem ring Or set with a ruby proper.
CREST: On a Wreath Or and Azure a Castled Gateway with three Towers Or masoned Sable the windows and middle Tower domed Azure ensigned with a Cross Gules and the outer towers each with a steeple
Azure issuant above  the port Bulls Head and Neck affront proper.
BADGE: A bull’s head caboshed proper within a gem ring Or set with a ruby proper.

Motto ‘LIBERTY’.
Granted 1 st March 1965.

The London Borough of Havering was formed by the amalgamation  of the Borough of Romford and the Hornchurch Urban District.

Well, there it is. Why the internet couldn’t have described the “Arms, Crest and Badge”  in English without what I suppose are heraldic French sounding descriptions is beyond me.







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