Let the poor face their fate- Utopian Dystopia

Is a Tory dream
Human misery!
Well that we’ve seen.
Squalor, oppression
Would anyone question
Disease, overcrowding
The private renting that shrouds
The rich getting richer
On the backs of the disenfranchised.

Those who are subjugated,
Crushed, defeated by the system
Those without hope or means
To change their lives.
For many, that need benefits are –
In system designed to humiliate,
Demean, a whole class of people –
Directly engineered, to punish
Anyone who is not a machine.

The sick, disabled, mentally ill,
All labelled as scroungers,
Obviously idlers, near-do-wells
Often judged by contractors,
Appointed to refuse claimants.
Appointments attended late
Dying, (we’ve heard that one)
Crying, (no need for that)
No excuse, get to work!

So now it’s here
The Utopian Dystopia
Probably, to be made worse
By leaving the EU by greed pursuers
Who, clearly dislike human rights,
Workers protections, or unions.
Viewers, undaunted by misery
Unaffected by, hardship or poverty
Pull up the drawbridge,
Lock the castle gates.

Let the poor face their fates.


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1 Response to Let the poor face their fate- Utopian Dystopia

  1. Pete Baxendale says:

    Powerful and thought provoking,Mike

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