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Book Review: Walter Tevis~ The Hustler

It’s a disappointing thing to have to say in a book review that Tevis is unknown but the film with Paul Newman is a classic. He also wrote ‘The Color of Money’ and he’s unknown for that as well. So! … Continue reading

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Flogging and Courage: the British Army 1800-81

Discipline in the British Army was sadistic. There was institutional savagery with floggings and public execution occurring so frequently they were normalised. The army had a subliminal desire to ‘toughen’ up soldiers for the ordeals that lay ahead of them. … Continue reading

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Not Very Well

I’ve got bubonic plague riddled with mange, With stabbing cold sinus, it’s ever so strange. If I live past the hour I will be surprised For surely I am just a walking demised. My head has encephalitis- the signs are … Continue reading

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