Book Review: Walter Tevis~ The Hustler

It’s a disappointing thing to have to say in a book review that Tevis is unknown but the film with Paul Newman is a classic. He also wrote ‘The Color of Money’ and he’s unknown for that as well. So! Why not watch the film and cut out the middle man? THE BOOK IS BETTER. There I’ve said it and now you know where my allegiances lie. It’s relatively short but every word counts. Tevis writes literature not airport doorsteps intended to kill boredom with the pretence that something good is happening. I’m putting myself on the line by offering a quote here to compel you to read this book.

“And then Fats began moving around the table, making balls, all of his former ponderousness gone now, his motions like a ballet, his steps light, sure, and rehearsed; the bridge hand inevitably falling into the right place; the hand on the butt of the cue with its fat, jewelled fingers gently pushing the thin shaft into the cue ball. ” (p39)

Okay it’s a book about gambling and pool but it’s also about life and adversity and excellence and courage.

Why you should read this book. It’s wonderful!

Why you shouldn’t read this book. You’re an intellectual snob who can’t believe that a book about gambling and pool can be literature.


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