Film Review: Bank of Dave (NetFlix) (Rory Kinnear) (2023)

This is the biopic of Dave Fishwick, a self-made millionaire, from Burnley, Lancashire. He lives and works there and is grounded in the community. As a wealthy man he was often asked for loans. No paperwork just a handshake. None went bad and profits were paid to local charities.

Dave’s story becomes interesting when he discovered that requests to banks for loans were turned down because, ‘The computer says no’. He realised he was lending significant amounts and wondered if he should become an actual banker. Naturally he didn’t fit the criteria for a ‘banker’ but was outraged that banking regulations were created to protect the cartel which had bankrupted Britain in 2008. Banks were anti-competitive and held all the cards.

The film takes off. Goodies against Baddies. Love. A triumph. What more could you ask? It’s truly lovely and is the antidote to Marvel comic book films. So, if you like CGI, guns blazing, cars rolling over, buildings blowing up and ludicrous storylines, this isn’t for you. Otherwise, it’s a great night in and incredibly heartwarming.

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