Cooking for Slackers: Gourmet tomato soup

A true Slacker will pour a can of soup into a mug and drink: Cold. This recipe is for Slackers who hate crude reductionist diets like that.


One can of Heinz tomato soup1

Two slices of thick sliced Hovis wholemeal bread


Tear a slice of bread into shreds

Splash oil into cereal bowl (circa 10 ml. if you like precision)

Put shredded bread into bowl and swoosh round until soggy.

Stir and fry in a saucepan. Bread will be crispy after a short time

Pour soup in the pan

Stir till hot but not boiling. (Put your finger in and if you scream it’s too hot.)

Keep other slice for mopping up afterwards


This is better than ‘soup with croutons’ where bread is a garnish. It’s also a step up in class from slurping soup out of a mug: Cold.


Wash up unless you don’t want to but NB if you don’t wash up, the cereal bowl will be unpleasant in the morning.


1 Heinz Cream of Tomato Soup 300g | Sainsbury’s (

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