Book Review: Christopher Brookmyre ~ All fun and games until someone loses an eye (2005)

Around about 8 pm on a Saturday night I was bored and irritable so I bought this on Amazon.1 Why this one? Well it had a quirky title and I like quirky books. I didn’t feel I was making a *commitment* to it. If it didn’t amuse me I’d dump it and mindlessly TV surf. Choices, Choices. Expectations were tiny. But I was rewarded.

The story begins with a Prologue as a taster.2 The actual story begins with a Scottish gran-ma hoovering her hallway. The pace accelerates when it turns out her scientist son invents a secret *weapon*. Her grand-daughter becomes a target for kidnapping so pressure can be brought on him to reveal all. Super-gran thwarts the dastardly deed in classic James Bond style. Flair and panache.

Without worrying about the preposterous detail Super-gran joins a team of international criminals. Delving deep into her inner-soul she becomes fearless, decisive and a femme fatale.

It’s enormous fun, cleverly crafted, plotted and well-written.


1 This is what elderly people do when they’re waiting for cocoa and bedtime.

2 This is scene setting the *story* begins with Jane, Super-gran, unleashing her inner James Bond.

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