Book Review: Nigel Williams ~ R.I.P. (2015)

Williams is the king of the suburban black comedy. He dives into the sheer nastiness of family life amongst the well-heeled with enthusiasm. This book is superb example of his genre.

 George Pearmain is a bank manager with a 99 years old mother who’s become very wealthy. Needless to relate many of the family regard her longevity as a nuisance. They want her millions. On the eve of her birthday, they gather together for a party which ends in Tom Sharpe mayhem. George’s ‘alternative’ sister was heavily into collecting herbs and, obviously, being organic doesn’t mean that they’re not lethal. George found out this truth when he was murdered with hemlock.

George dies, his mother dies (from an accident) and the family are involved in a double tragedy. Their pursuit of wealth is undiminished. George’s sister is murdered and his mother’s best friend is also murdered. Four bodies in a semi-detached house in suburban London!

But to cap it all George is a bone fide ghost enjoying his new found freedom.

It’s glorious fun just don’t get bogged down in LitCrit.

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