A good reason to go to a good tailor

Joe went to his doctor complaining about terrible headaches. His doctor said, “It’s curable but it requires castration. Your testicles are pressing on your spine, which is causing your headaches.” Joe was shocked and depressed but felt had no choice but to go ahead.

The operation was successful. As he walked away he decided to make a new life. Although he didn’t normally wear a suit when he saw an expensive tailors he thought, ‘That’s what I need for my new life: a suit.’

He went in and said to the salesman, “I’d like a new suit.” The elderly tailor glanced at him and said, “Ah, size 44 long.”

Joe laughed, “That’s right, how did you know?”
“Been in the business 60 years!”

Joe tried on the suit; it fit perfectly. As Joe admired himself, the salesman asked, “How about a new shirt?”
Joe said, “Sure.”
He eyed Joe and said, “Let’s see, 34 sleeves and 16-1/2 neck.”

Joe was thrilled, he tried on the shirt, and it fit perfectly. Joe walked comfortably around the shop, and the salesman, who could see a lot of commission coming his way, said “How about some new underwear? Size 36. Am I right?”

Joe laughed, “Ah ha! Got you, I’m size 34 brief.”

The salesman said, “Oh no! You can’t wear size 34. Size 34 would press your testicles up against the base of your spine and give you one hell of a headache.”

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