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No good deed goes unpunished: Hackney 1968

One of my most horrifying experiences came about when I was called out to a routine job. I was told to replace a cast iron rain water pipe, at Lea View House in the Clapton area of Hackney. I pulled … Continue reading

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A ten bob note

The sash cords were rotted on My bedroom window, when it crashed down Dad said he’d fix it, for about half a crown Nip round to the oil shop, he said Ask for a knot of sash cord He gave … Continue reading

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Community service

A barber was convicted of a minor offence and was given community service. As he was self-employed the court ordered him to provide free haircuts for a week. His first customer was so pleased that he went out and bought … Continue reading

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Book Review: Oliver Bullough ~ Moneyland: Why thieves and crooks now rule the world and how to take it back (2018)

There is an investigative book. Like all investigative books it offers revelations, which alter our perception of the foundations of society itself. Misha Glenny’s McMafia: Seriously Organised Crime (2008) is the grand-father of the genre. His book is now so … Continue reading

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Irony I like

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Laugh and duck

Wife: I have blisters on my hands from the broom handle. Husband: I’ve told you before. Use the car. Ray E.

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The Exodus Incident: when emotion met geopolitics

A common view at the time was that he [Bevin] was antisemitic and this influenced his policies.1 Introduction In an act of imperial hubris, Britain accepted the Mandate2 for Palestine. It was meant to run from 1923 to 1948. Britain … Continue reading

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