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Kindred Spirits

A doctor, a dentist and a lawyer were in a boat together when a wave came along and washed them all overboard. Unable to get back into the boat, they decided two would hold on to the boat and the … Continue reading

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Film Review: Maradona (director – Asif Kapadia)

Diego Maradona’s reputation, as a footballer, has survived the decades since retirement. His reputation has also survived revelations about his criminal and sleazy life-style whilst in Naples, which is remarkable testament to his genius. This documentary enhances Maradona’s reputation notwithstanding … Continue reading

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Brash Machismo

A male politician Poorly served by an absent beautician Strutted his flamboyance Much to every ones annoyance. His behaviour toward others Especially young Mothers Only added more pain To his Marley formed chain. Words truly unbalanced Judiciously ungallant Never his … Continue reading

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Hands up anyone who doesn’t think Trump is an idiot

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The importance of the Act of Supremacy 1534

Introduction The Act of Supremacy ended English Roman Catholicism. England became Protestant when Henry VIII declared himself, supreme head on Earth of the Church of England. Crucially he embedded religious orthodoxy in the person of the monarch. England moved to … Continue reading

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Carry on Doctor (1967)

Patient: “Nurse, I dreamt about you last night.” Nurse: “Did you?” Patient: “No, you wouldn’t let me.” [Patient: Bernard Bresslaw ~ Nurse: Anita Harris]

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The top 0.01% in the USA

The top 0.01% of American workers—now some 15000—this year have incomes, including capital gains, of about 500 times the average. Typical incomes in America today, including capital gains and benefits, are perhaps 300 [dollars] a working day. The gulf between … Continue reading

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The victims of Austerity are children

Last week (end-June 2019) I tuned into radio 4 at 7am. I wasn’t paying too much attention, until I heard the report of a boy in school who’d fainted in school, when he got there on Monday morning. It transpired … Continue reading

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Frankie Boyle on Jeremy Hunt

I sympathise a little with Hunt- he was born into military aristocracy, a cousin of the Queen, went to Charterhouse, then Oxford, then into PR: trying to get him to understand the life of an overworked student nurse is like … Continue reading

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Film review: Toy Story 4 (Tim Allen and Annie Potts)

The least said, the better. Chris PS This isn’t the general opinion. US box office = $237M in ten days; UK box office = £26.9M

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