Film Review: Maradona (director – Asif Kapadia)

Diego Maradona’s reputation, as a footballer, has survived the decades since retirement. His reputation has also survived revelations about his criminal and sleazy life-style whilst in Naples, which is remarkable testament to his genius. This documentary enhances Maradona’s reputation notwithstanding its unflinching forensic approach.

Maradona’s footballing life is documented beautifully with archive footage. The grinding poverty of his childhood and his nihilistic neighbourhood didn’t destroy him. Sport as a route to fame and fortune is well told. His boyish good looks and magnetic personality revealed his inner insecurities. Fame and fortune quickly soured as he became a prisoner in his own home. Like other mega-stars (1) he couldn’t cope and like them he succumbed to drugs and loose women.

The final scenes of this wonderful documentary show Maradona as a bloated wreck of a man but retaining his magnetism as a personality.

His two goals against England 22nd June 1986 are well worth viewing.

1 George Best comes to mind in a British context.

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