The World Changed

My Dad was born, over a hundred years ago
History say’s, a few short years before –
The mayhem of war, sacked the Earth
But Dad grew strong, even without his pop.

So many young men, were killed
So many hope’s and destinies lost
They’d be thrilled, at learning
Of this world now, and its computer costs.

A telephone, a portable battery brain
Hand held devices, put progress to shame
Devices, that talk, that reply when asked
They might be seen as, a Devil’s paradise.

Knowledge is power, across continent’s share
All that power, still even few people care
Electricity, homes with all rooms heated
Showers and baths, luxuries that lasts.

Electric cars, fast silent, efficient
Dish washers, washing machines,
Instant cameras that print proficient
Gadgets, from your wildest dreams.

All these things in just a few decades
My Dad would think, such luxury cascades
Inventions that clears all obstacles
Hard to believe, even seen in chronicles.

Of our four great grand-children
What will their lives be?
In sixty or seventy years
What wondrous sights will they see?

Will they, or perhaps descendants of their family
Colonise other planets or moons
Live beneath the deep ocean or travel to the stars
Learn how to live for years in “nil-gravity”.

Or just maybe, my generation has killed their dreams
Pollution, global warming, no pollinators
Plastic and nuclear waste, with a half-life of…
Ten thousand years, is their only chance in space?


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