Seconds pass in, seemingly pointless, monotony
One inexperience, to be followed, by the next
Unknowable, inexplicable in its complexity
Beyond challenge, reason or justification.

There is no appeal to time
There are no words that pleading will affect
The progress, is inevitable –march on, march on
Destiny, awaits voraciously – greedily.

Its futile to rant and rave
Maybe you are just in a computer programme
Where ‘what ifs’ were devised –
Long ago, dreamt up, as entertainment.

The Gods on Mount Olympus
Probably chuckle at your frustration
Sure, shake your fist at the sky
Questions, like “why me”, give them glee.

Occasionally, the programme might be tweaked
In a heartbeat, your lost in a fractal of abstract
No way of knowing, there is no exit
Lost bewildered, uncertain scared.

All you may be certain of, is
Sooner or later, time as you now know it,
Will cease and within a few short years
After everyone who knew you expires.

You will have ceased to exist.
Your descendants, will not know of you
Any achievements you accomplished –
Will be lost in the maelstrom of time.


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