Film review ~ Molly’s Game (Jessica Chastain and Idris Elba)

Molly’s Game is a biopic of Molly Bloom, the ‘queen’ of gambling. Her life is tedious, which is a fatal flaw for a biopic. Aaron Sorkin the scriptwriter and director should have noticed this and added drama. His film could be a radio play. Hanging about watching a few guys play high stakes poker isn’t drama. Having Molly smile a delicious smile and look knowing isn’t drama. An Apple laptop isn’t drama. Not knowing what a spreadsheet is isn’t drama. Having a boss who’s a born-again knuckle dragging moron isn’t drama. Sorkin, as director, just doesn’t get it.

Notwithstanding all of this Chastain does justice to Sorkin’s script, which is terrific. Drama comes very late in this 140 minute film. Idris Elba as attorney Charlie Jaffey makes the very best of his few opportunities to shine. A caricature Russian Mafia cameo of extreme violence lightens the boredom notwithstanding the cliché. The denouement, such as it is, is pure treacle.

Why you should watch this film: You want a character building experience.

Why you shouldn’t watch this film: You don’t think that you should pay for boredom

An alternative review is here


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