A pub for pensioners

Four retired men saw a pub called “Old Timers Bar- all drinks 10p.”

Obviously they thought it was a scam but having plenty of time on their hands they go in.

The bar-tender, is about their age, and he calls out, “What’ll it be gents?”

They order pints of beer with whiskey chasers and are charged 20p each.

Seeing that they’re puzzled he say, “Don’t worry it isn’t a scam. I won £10m on the Lottery and I haven’t a family so I thought, How do I meet lots of different people? This is what I came up with.”

The four men relax and have a few. One of them says, “What are those guys doing at the end of the bar? They’re not drinking and keep looking at their watches

Oh them. They’re from Yorkshire and they’re waiting for the Happy Hour to start.”


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