This I Know

It wasn’t ordinary working people
Who caused the 80s banking crisis
It wasn’t them that caused financial meltdown
No! It was greedy bankers
Who caused Northern Rock to fall
The rich. Many politicians were the root cause
Those with mansions
And ‘off-shore’ stashed millions
Content to see the poor suffer.

What do they care, about austerity
Deprivation, hunger and blight?
Poverty for children – well that’s alright
Let the free market grow.
They’re alright, they made it so.
Bring on austerity, let the poor suffer
All those nasty Labour want
Is charity. Free rides or hand-outs
Food banks are just the poor
Demonstrating their incompetence.

Hard Left’ isn’t surprising.
Riot and revolution has grown
Over years of pay restrictions
The sick and disabled are labelled fit for work
Stigmatised, as burdens on the state
Vilified, as begging spongers.
When Mothers can’t feed their young
Men made to feel ashamed, at lack of work
Whole communities, left with no where to go
This I know – this I know.


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