Book Review: Paul McGrath~ Back from the brink: The Autobiography

Paul McGrath’s autobiography is a must read. It’s honest, brutally honest and oh-my-god honest. McGrath was brought up in a children’s home where discipline was ‘robust’. As a black boy, in racist Catholic Ireland, McGrath suffered tremendously. His natural athleticism and physique led him into sport and especially football where he had an outstanding talent. Super-stardom quickly followed with Manchester United, Aston Villa and the national team. Unfortunately he suffered horrendous physical and psychological problems leading to alcoholism.

This autobiography strips away the glamour of top flight sport and shows the loneliness, the cluster of shallow friends and the easy way wealth is dissipated. McGrath has to be congratulated for writing this book, which is also a very good read.

Why you should read this book: It’s a top flight insight into elite sport and an expose of why so many athletes have mental health issues.

Why you shouldn’t read this book: You think highly paid athletes shouldn’t have issues and ought to be grateful for their wealth.

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