The Defunct Prime Minister

The political sharks, are circulating
They won’t hesitate;
They taste, defeat
A weakened mortal morsel,
Is now just – faded bait.

Does she wait in anticipation
For the fatal stab in the back
Will she jump before, the push, or
Stay in office
For the sake of the nation?

Not that the nation
Wants or needs her rhetoric
The self-made harridan of arrogance
Pitiless indifference,
Poor people will say, “good riddance”.

David Davis, appears incompetent
Boris a buffoon, on steroids
IDS a soulless freak
Hammond, the humourless
Reece-Mogg – mega-rich spheroids.

Gove once stabbed his colleague
Hunt, has shown no respect
The NHS is under threat
All chinless wonders
Intent on their Brexit wreck.

Put them all in a bottle, marked poison
Shake it until it fizzes, with bile
Ferrets in a sack,
Red in tooth and claw
Each adept, at both smile, with guile.

They think their values are right
Far right of reasonable, it seems
They seem to believe
An entitlement to the country’s wealth
Whilst plundering it, by stealth.

Sell off the railways
Privatise the steel to India
Industry, is just a commodity
To let chums ravish
So long as their lifestyle, remains lavish.


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