Seconds turn to minutes
Minutes the whole hour through
Days pass so fast, don’t you know it
In time, another year, is anew.

So the decades slip by
The young think a decade is ages
Plenty of time to plan
Perhaps to achieve in stages
That life has just begun.

But time is a thief of ambition
It mocks at your naked resolve
Take into account your condition
Only to see your best plans dissolve.

The old, know that their time is fading
Both body and mind grow feeble
In age they become less active
They’re no longer seen as attractive.

Hair turns from grey to white
Hand and legs, often shake
Sit down to put your socks on
Every muscle and bones ache.

Words like “leave that to me
or I’ll see to that that”
No longer apply to the old
No more, their wonders to behold.

There comes a time to rest
In the arm-chair by the fire
Chill-out, be no longer stressed
Some day, to soon, you will expire.

Let the seconds, minutes and days go
Months and years, laughter – tears
They all fade away – that’s fine
It’s how it has to be – in the fullness of time.


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