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A Compassionate Irishman

Paddy phones an ambulance because his mate’s been hit by a car. Paddy: ‘Get an ambulance here quick, he’s bleeding from his nose and I tink both his legs are broken.’ Operator: ‘What is your location sir?’ Paddy: ‘Outside number … Continue reading


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The tragic death of Martin Walker: a Hackney Dustman

I first met Martin in 1977 when I was foreman plumber at the Defoe Road depot in Stoke Newington, Hackney. He was a plumbers mate on my team. He wasn’t a skilled man but he was essential to us plumbers … Continue reading

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Nice people don’t become Nazis: Dorothy Thompson 1941

Kind, good, happy, gentlemanly, secure people never go Nazi. They may be the gentle philosopher whose name is in the Blue Book, or Bill from City College to whom democracy gave a chance to design airplanes—you’ll never make Nazis out … Continue reading

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Donald J Trump: The ego has landed

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Rat-A-Tat the door knocker sang The Caretaker, looked concerned Can you come with me I think we have a deaden? Eight thirty, the flats were quiet Where to I asked? – Eighth floor, Was his simple reply -we got to … Continue reading

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The MCC, social-class and English Cricket in the 1960s

The MCC* ruled English cricket with an iron fist in the 1960s. County cricket administrators were a version of the MCC, using their social-class and status as Gentlemen to control cricket. Professional cricketers were regarded as social inferiors because they … Continue reading

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The Theresa May Dream Team 2017


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