All Political Careers -End in Tears

Arrogance, surrounds her, ambivalence blinds her
Ignorance dogs her, whilst her Ministers plot
Some say weeks, others a month or two – all the while,
With no mandate, no authority, little if any support.

How to regain the high ground, can’t call another snap election
That went disastrously wrong, the last time.

Each day, the press deride her, even the staunch Tory rags
Like the Ides of March, they sharpen their daggers.

Desperate and willing, to sell for our shillings, The DUP
Bought and paid for, bribed into power, bribed into her keeping power.

Tragedy, took innocent lives at Grenfell Tower; who’s to blame Prime Minister?
She clearly, didn’t want to speak, to any survivors; well they weren’t connservative supporters!

OK, someone should be accountable, but cladding, is controlled….. Isn’t it?
Companies must be profitable, who, could foresee “hydrogen cyanide”gas?

Fumes, engulfing, those still trapped, instead of being roasted,
Baths fill with water, soaking wet blankets nailed over doors.

Desperate Mothers dropping babies from windows;
She had faith in building control experts.

Who could foresee registered cladding companies,
Not testing their own product, for combustibility.

Is the worst of Grenfell Tower now over?
“Cobra” emergency reaction, suggest all other tower blocks are examined.

Heads will roll, police will prosecute incompetent middle management
Prime Ministers, cannot be expected to know everything!

That should keep the “Plebs” satisfied for now
Let’s just hope, No other crisis is waiting!

Police cuts, hospitals struggling to cope, nurses wanting a pay rise;
Whatever next, firefighters? Corbyn, ever ready to see an end to austerity.

Her more than generous offer towards E.U. residents in the U.K.
Spurned as “too little to late” Germany thought it a good start.

Tower blocks in Camden, evacuated over more dangerous cladding
Is it all “fake news” and fears?

It may yet end in one particular PM’s career ending in tears.


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