By the wildwood lake

In a forest deep, where gnarly willows grew
Next to a deep still lake, in the bowl between steep green hills
There dappled sunbeams played in the wildwood’s shade
Several small streams ran through.

Over millennia, the lake became deeper, broader
Such are the wonders of nature
Thirsty amphibious, and other woodland life
Came to rely on the water, as any marauder.

The feeder streams, carried piscine life
That developed into shoals of benign beings
That swayed and danced, in the countless reeds
As the moon pulled in its timeless gravity.

Summer days, with gentle winds rustled the leaves
The willows that dominated the water line
Had Ash, Hornbeam Oak and Elm for company
Sycamore fought for light from the Sun.

On the dappled forest floor, in Spring
Thousands of Bluebells woke from their dark sleep
As do the myriad of other plants spring to life
All of nature’s pageantry in full dress colours.

Inexorably, wildlife inhabited the woods
Rabbits, stoats, and other mammals
Homed under the soil for shelter
All nature by the wildwood lake.



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1 Response to By the wildwood lake

  1. Peter Baxendale says:

    Idyllic-beautiful use of language, Mike

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