Oh Great It’s Snowing

snowball-fightSitting at our school benches
One cold winters day
All the boys and girls
Were watching through the classroom windows.

Snowflakes large and silent, gently falling
The excitement was palpable
The teacher however, just droned on and on,
Thick snow fell for well over an hour.

Come the bell for dinner-time
It was a mad dash for the cloakrooms
Coats were thrown on, instantly
Down the stone stairs, we ran.

The teacher on playground duty
Was looking sourly at our white miracle
She said “If this gets any worse,
You will have to go back indoors”.

By now we were ankle deep in snow
Even knee deep where the wind had driven it
Snowballs were thrown
Some even landed on the targets.

With freezing cold hands and fingers
Thrust deep into pockets
To warm, for a few seconds
Then it was back to the fun.

Our playground had a gentle slope
One bright kid, decided, to run down it
And slide as far as he could
Soon about ten of us followed.

Over and over, we created that slide
With just our shoes and cold feet
Before we wanted, the whistle blew
Everyone back inside, was the order.

Only grown-ups can get pleasure
From ruining kids innocent fun
But we had no choice,
Do as you’re told, was the mantra.

We had to obey, the teachers
Inside some of us warmed our hands
On the big cast iron radiators
Whilst, still watching the continuing snowstorm.

We could hear the caretakers
shoveling ash from the big old boilers
Over our playground
How mean of those caretakers!


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