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Doctor Doom

Am I your patient, I’m not here for your merriment? I feel a bit like your lab-rat, You’ve prescribed me statins! You didn’t tell me I’m your experiment Will your statins, make me diabetic? I am not being in the … Continue reading

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The greatest post-war British prime minister: Harold Wilson

Harold Wilson created modern Britain. Between 1964 and 1970 Britain was changed into a caring, tolerant society, a civilised society. Every aspect of British life was touched, for the good, by Harold Wilson. Ranging from prison reform, to dealing with … Continue reading

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Your safety is our number one priority: a wordless poem

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Two Medical Conversations

A Doctor Patient Conversation Patient I think I’ve got AIDS Doctor How chic A Nurse Patient Conversation Nurse How are you? Patient Dying of boredom Nurse Well don’t die on my shift. There’s too much paperwork.

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